Skin Care Specials at SR Plastic Surgery

Why not use the time you have at home to focus on getting your skin nice and healthy.


Hi everyone. Hope everyone's having a good day. I wanted to take a moment to talk to you guys about our spring into new skin special that we are running right now. It's part of our March madness set of specials. Of course, due to the events surrounding COVID, we are extending this through the end of April.

So I'm super excited. I think this is the perfect time for us to spend a little time on ourselves through all the chaos that's going on. Some of us might be working from home, we might be getting stir-crazy, and this is just something that we can spend an extra few minutes on and kind of reset our skin to its healthy self.

This is one of my favorite product lines. It's called ZO Skin Health. It's what I have personally been using for over eight years. I have terrible acne-prone skin and I used to break out constantly until I started this regimen. Since then, the only time I break out is when I get lazy and I don't wash my face at night. But you get three out of the four products here for $150 and you get full-sized products. The original price on all of them is $360, so it's over $200 in savings. Trust me when I tell you they last months. A little goes a long way with these products. They are all scientifically proven to work. They're all medical grade, so you're not going to see this at the department store, no matter how fancy that department store is. The line is part of getting skin ready. It is just a great line. It's really for anybody who has just years of damage and really wants to reset the clock.

The first product that is included as is exfoliating cleanser, and this is just a great cleanser. I have to tell you, I use this every day, morning and night for years. If you guys have seen on my Instagram, I recently have been going to Orangetheory every morning before I head into work and I've been just using whatever face wash they have at the studio, and I started to break out. It's because I wasn't using this. Even though I was using it at night, it just wasn't enough to get all the sweat off in the morning, started breaking out. So this is great. It's great for any skin type. You don't have to be acne prone, but it's got these little beads in it also, so kind of exfoliates at the same time.

The second product that is included is the complexion renewal pads and these are great because a lot of times as you know, you wash your face with the cleanser and you don't get all the makeup and dirt off. So this is just another way to really get in there and clean out that skin. It has a little bit of salycilic acid in it also, so if you are prone to breaking out, this is great, but it just gives you that extra little scrub and tones your skin at the same time.

Next we've got two options and based on your skin evaluation we decide which is going to be the best for you. So the first is the exfoliating accelerator and exploding polish. So typically this is great for people who are acne prone or who have just poor texture in their skin and want to smooth it out. So I think this is great. It's a cream. You just put it on, it's your third step. So one, two, three, and then you use the rest of your regimen. So this is great.

The other exfoliator is exfoliating polish and this is really if you have good quality skin and you don't have those problems with the acne or the texture. This is my favorite. So literally it smells like a spa in a bottle. It just smells so good and it's a great way to just exfoliate, especially if you're using a retinol or it's cold and dry outside. It just gets rid of that dull, flaky skin.

So again, you get all full size bottles, so you get three of the four and then you do get a free gift with everything. The free gift is a makeup bag and it's got another skincare product in there, which I'm not going to tell you, that'll be a surprise, but it is one of my favorites. So I hope you guys take advantage of the special. It really is like a once in a lifetime thing. $150, this will last you up to six months. Give us a call if you're interested and we will make sure that you guys get your hands on them.