Neurotoxins: Botox, Jeuveau, and more!

There are so many types of neurotoxins on the market today. What's the difference and what works best for you?


Hi everyone. So I wanted to talk to you all a little bit more about neurotoxins. I am so guilty when it comes to calling everything Botox, but that is actually a brand name for the product created by Allergan. There are others on the market. For instance, you've got Jeuveau here, and that is the newest and latest neurotoxin on the market. There's also Xeomin and Dysport. And these are all essentially different strains of the botulinum toxin. They might vary in their onset of action, their duration of action, and some people might just react better to one neurotoxin versus the other. So all of them are great products. Which product you choose to get can be dependent on multiple things, for example, what you react best to, what you've had good experiences within the past, or what your plastic surgeon might carry in his office or her office, or what they might have in on inventory. So it all just depends, but can't really go wrong with any of them.