Botox: How young is too young

Bet you thought about this at some point. Listen to get the answer from a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon!


Hi everyone. Dr. Smita here. I just wanted to talk to you all about another question that comes up often, and that is, how young is too young for Botox? Now I actually am a firm believer in preventative Botox. Those muscles around our eyes or forehead that allow us to move our eyebrows, or squint your eyes, those muscles pull on the skin. And that's normal. So as you raise your eyebrows, you might see horizontal lines across our forehead. You might see crow's feet or those eleven's in between our eyebrows. Now that's all normal. And if you look at a child, you'll see those lines form as well.

Now as we age, our skin actually changes, we lose collagen and we lose some of its other properties so that over time, those lines that you might only see when the muscle is moving eventually become permanent lines within the skin itself. Now Botox or other neurotoxin weaken those muscles so that it may prolong delay or even prevent those lines from becoming permanent. And that's really the goal of preventative Botox. So I would say, if you're in your twenties, mid to late twenties, thirties that might be a good time to start thinking about it. See a board certified plastic surgeon or a expert injector. Get some information, become well educated and informed, and see if it's the right move for you.