Making sense of all of the fillers on the market

Confused by all of the different facial fillers on the market today?


Hi everyone. So, I wanted to talk to you all, today, about hyaluronic acid fillers. As you all are aware, there are just a huge variety of fillers on the market. The primary ones are the Galderma line of restylane products, and Allergan's line of Juvederm products.

Now, like I said, it's all hyaluronic acid. It's safe. Our bodies already make hyaluronic acid, and it can be reversed if needed. But the products do differ in the particle size of the hyaluronic acid, how closely they're adherent to each other, their lifting power, their ability to spread under the skin, or their ability to attract water, which results in varying amounts of swelling. So, all of these products are great tools, and based on our complimentary cosmetic consultation, and really understanding the areas that you want addressed, and the look that you want to achieve we're able to pick the perfect filler to get those looks and achieve those goals for you.